Shopping in lockdown

These are extracts from my e-mails to a friend in Australia.  Food shopping was a major concern for me.  I found myself responsible for organizing deliveries to my parents, both in their 80s. Dad had cancer and so they were shielding. Our own shopping was done in the village shops – butcher, supermarket, chemist. 13 March 2020 The coronavirus is making itself felt.  I’m on… Read More »Shopping in lockdown

Women’s Nature Writing in Lockdown

In March 2020, lockdown forced many of us to make drastic changes to our daily routines and spend more time at home. This shift in lifestyle created space for connections with nature that are often difficult to find in the busy nine-to-five schedule that dominates our modern lives. As boundaries between work and home life broke down, many women responded with writing that reflected this… Read More »Women’s Nature Writing in Lockdown

Women, writing and lockdown – an introduction

On 23 March 2020, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the UK’s first national lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. People were only allowed to leave their homes for strictly limited reasons and the police were given powers to enforce the rules. Our project investigates the impact of that lockdown on the lives of British women, in their own words. It makes visible women’s writing… Read More »Women, writing and lockdown – an introduction