Your lockdown photos

During lockdown our houses changed. Kitchens became schoolrooms. Bedrooms became offices. Spare rooms became spaces of self-isolation. The garden (for those lucky enough to have them) became vital spaces of escape. We’re looking for your #lockdownphotos for our archives and exhibition. 10 winning photos will be selected for display in The Lockdown House. Submit your entries below with a short description of what this picture… Read More »Your lockdown photos

Lockdown Inspired Me to Start a Lesbian Book Group

Lockdown changed my life in lots of different ways. The government decreeing that people should stay in our homes, stop going out, and cut off in-person social contact beyond our immediate households undid much of the progress I’d made through my early twenties in managing agoraphobia. I agree that lockdowns were a necessary measure to minimise the spread of a deadly virus. But as the… Read More »Lockdown Inspired Me to Start a Lesbian Book Group

How did lockdown feel?

In September 2021 my colleague Charlie and I were awarded a small grant by the British Academy to conduct a study on the emotional well-being of EU citizens in the UK, who had been affected by the double whammy of Brexit and Covid. We were especially interested in hearing from those, mainly middle-aged individuals, who have family responsibilities both in the UK and in Europe.… Read More »How did lockdown feel?


We invested our heartsIn the banks of Happiness. Now our relationships are separated. We wait and we long for each other.Isolation has takenOur loved ones away. The pop psychologists among usWill label our condition I. S. A:Isolation Separation Anxiety.We feel it where it hurts, As an unplanned withdrawalFrom our love fund. For now the bank of HappinessIs online only. For now our relationshipsAre WiFi enabled, 2D, 4G.But when all this is over – We will hold each other, multi-dimensionally.

Scrubbing Up and Staying In

Janet stands three paces away from me. She is “scrubbing up”, going through the procedure to protect me before assisting with my personal care. We both share a dubious humour and at bedtime, I will call out, “Get your sexy scrubs on, Jan!” But I am not in the hospital or a care institution. I am at home and Janet is my personal care assistant… Read More »Scrubbing Up and Staying In

Almost a Year

Almost a year of the waves crashing, drowning and scratching. Bruising and breaking. The saltwater bringing tears during unexpected moments and for seemingly no reason but unable to stop, until the waves break… and they do briefly, giving sweet release and gulps of air. The rays of the sun drying everything until the next wave comes. Almost a year of watching the arms that once… Read More »Almost a Year

Working during the pandemic

Working in the male violence against women movement is such a privilege, I absolutely love my job, but it takes a certain type of personality. You must really want to do it for the love because the pay isn’t that great, and the hours are long. The work is vocational and must be combined with a good routine of self-care. I’ve been lucky enough to… Read More »Working during the pandemic

Life and study during lockdown

I actually find it very tough to think or write about those early months of the first UK lockdown, as I think I have blocked most of that period out and tried to forget it. I remember being in a state of absolute fear the entire time, and not being able to focus on anything that I needed to do. I’m a PhD student at… Read More »Life and study during lockdown

I have no excuse

As a woman, I have felt obligated to uphold patriarchal beauty standards my entire life. Women grow up viewing their body as some kind of currency, or property. You can either buy a man with your body, or give yourself over as if you were an object. My body was a metaphorical battlefield between its natural curves and lines and the patriarchal beauty standards of… Read More »I have no excuse