Your lockdown photos

During lockdown our houses changed. Kitchens became schoolrooms. Bedrooms became offices. Spare rooms became spaces of self-isolation. The garden (for those lucky enough to have them) became vital spaces of escape. We’re looking for your #lockdownphotos for our archives and exhibition. 10 winning photos will be selected for display in The Lockdown House. Submit your entries below with a short description of what this picture… Read More »Your lockdown photos

Women’s Nature Writing in Lockdown

In March 2020, lockdown forced many of us to make drastic changes to our daily routines and spend more time at home. This shift in lifestyle created space for connections with nature that are often difficult to find in the busy nine-to-five schedule that dominates our modern lives. As boundaries between work and home life broke down, many women responded with writing that reflected this… Read More »Women’s Nature Writing in Lockdown