A [Socially Isolated] Room of One’s Own: Women Writing Lockdown 


Women Writing Lockdown

A [Socially Isolated] Room of One’s Own: Women Writing Lockdown is a multi-disciplinary project seeking to capture women’s experience of the first phase of lockdown in response to the COVID pandemic. The project will record women’s articulation of their experience of lockdown by examining a range of auto/biographical writings. This includes online narratives by bloggers and influencers; creative writing produced during the lifetime of the project via a dedicated workshop series; published work by professional women writers, including fiction, poetry, and writing for children; op-ed newspaper columns and periodical literature, and newly deposited archival testimonies in collections such as Mass Observation and the British Library Sound Archive.

Our major collective output will be an online, free-to-access exhibition: ‘Rooms of Our Own: The Lockdown House’. Formulated as a ‘House and Garden’ virtual space, each room will represent a key aspect of women’s experience of lockdown (e.g. the home schoolroom/office, the ‘new domesticity’ space of the kitchen; the lockdown garden). The exhibition will be hosted via our purpose-designed project website. To ensure outputs reach the needs of our audience, the exhibition will invite the public to enter its spaces virtually, and once ‘there’, to reflect on the role women’s words have played in articulating this unique moment of change.


Project Video: Women Writing Lockdown – 21 March 2020 to 13 June 2020. A social history told via crowd-sourced haikus and photos. This is an edited version of all 12 weekly Haiflu films from the first lockdown and only contains haiku written by women.

About Project Haiflu

Project HaifluĀ was created by spoken word artist Liv Torc as a way of documenting the social history of the Covid-19 pandemic, through crowd sourced haiku, photographs and weekly films. The music is composed by Richard Monks. #haiflu is supported by National Poetry Day, Forward Arts Foundation and the Arts Council England. See the weekly haiflu films and find out more at www.livtorc.co.uk